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Univ of London Researchers Seeking Participants in Albuquerque, New Mexico For Sale

Type: Student for Hire, For Sale - Private.

Have you relocated to a new city or town in the past 2 years?
Was it the best or worst decision of your life?
How has it affected your personal growth?
Researchers at Goldsmiths University of London really want to hear about your experiences!!
We are investigating how one?s city impacts well-being and personal growth. We are especially interested in learning about experiences of young, childless people who have recently made a major move. In today?s global, mobile world, it?s very important to understand the different factors that may contribute to your overall well-being and personal growth. The move may be within the same country or to a different country.
To participate in this anonymous, 15-20 minute online survey you must:
- have made a major move (at least 2 hours drive/train ride away) in the past 2 years
- be fluent in English
- be 22-40 years old
- have no children
- have at least a high school education
Your participation is greatly appreciated!!
Please follow the link to our survey: