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Lots of biodiesel equipment cheap! in Albuquerque, New Mexico For Sale

Price: $750
Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

Hi folks,
I have been making fuel for my own diesel vehicles for several years, but a recent change in my living situation forces me to get rid of my equipment.
I used to make biodiesel fuel, but since moving to Los Lunas I have been unable to find any vegetable oil, so I stopped making biodiesel and switched to waste motor oil.
I have the following stuff. I need to get rid of everything. I'm going to take a huge loss -- the total I have invested in this stuff is north of $xxxx, but let's make my loss your gain.
- A lot of waste motor oil (drawing it down currently)
- A fair amount of waste vegetable oil (50ish gallons)
- Complete centrifuge setup for filtering/dewatering waste motor oil (what I've used it for) or waste vegetable oil. This is a turnkey 120 gph centrifuge kit I purchased from PA Biodiesel Supply less than six months ago and assembled myself. It works great and will do 2.4 passes of a 55-gallon barrel per hour. It also has a transfer pump, hose, and gas station style nozzle so you can fill up your vehicle directly. It has processed about 200 gallons of oil so far.
- Mostly complete "appleseed" biodiesel reactor. This was a kit I purchased from Utah Biodiesel Supply in early xxxx and assembled myself. In summer xxxx, I made about 400 gallons of 100% biodiesel with this reactor.
- Wash tank, constructed from kit and plans also from Utah Biodiesel Supply. This works great for water-washing and drying biodiesel fuel.
- "Sucker" tank made from a pickup truck propane tank and a 12-volt vacuum pump. I bought the plans for this from and built it myself. The hose has broken off and needs a new fitting, but otherwise it works great.
- Various chemicals. I have sulfuric acid, isopropyl alcohol, quite a lot of potassium hydroxide, and probably some other stuff I'm not thinking of.
- Filters. Lots of brand new still-shrinkwrapped 20-micron and 5-micron "whole house" water filters which work well for pre- and post-filtering of oil.
- Transfer pump for moving oil from a storage barrel to the reactor / centrifuge barrel, and a filter housing for the above water filters.
- Various 55-gallon barrels (one has WVO and several have waste motor oil). A couple of poly barrels and one metal barrel.
- A 275-gallon intermediate bulk container (IBC) that I've used to hold waste motor oil.
- Assembly plans and receipts for all this stuff. Also, I'll provide you with the usernames/passwords to the above Web sites so you can download the plans yourself.
I have lots more pictures available and would be happy to talk with you about the equipment or address any questions you may have.
More than willing to negotiate on price. Email or call Matthew, 575-517-xxxx. Thanks!
I also have for sale a diesel xxxx Mercedes-Benz 300SD that is an ideal candidate for running on homemade fuels. It has been run on filtered/centrifuged/dewatered WMO that I made with the above equipment. If you'd like the equipment and the car together, I'll make you a deal you won't believe.